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7 Best Non-Toxic Crayons That Won’t Harm Your Toddler

Note: Always consult with a medical professional prior to making decisions on behalf of your child or if you are pregnant. This article is not medical advice. Raising Them is ad supported and may earn money from clicks.

Kids love crayons, and who can blame them? Crayons fit right into a child’s hand and are enjoyable for all ages. Adults even are happy to sit down with kids and color a few pages in a coloring book. However, we all know that kids also like to taste crayons, and that’s why you need the best non-toxic crayons.

Crayons are one of the first art materials that you’ll give your child. Kids love to draw on paper, but what you don’t realize is that many of the crayons that you can purchase in the store are made of toxic materials that might not be safe for your child.

Instead, you want to look for crayons that are made without any toxic chemicals that could be harmful. International standards certify some of these crayons without any harmful substances.

Why Does It Matter?

Our government has lax regulations in the use of chemicals throughout our country, and these dangerous chemicals are allowed in products that we use every day like art supplies.

Children are vulnerable to hidden chemicals in art supplies. We know that whatever they touch they put into their mouths, whether it’s crayons or finger paint. At the same time, those chemicals are absorbed through their skin and off-gas into the air that they breathe while they color a picture.

Some chemicals that might be hiding in your crayons include:

  • PVC and phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Touline
  • Xylene
  • Ammonia
  • VOCs – Volatile organic compounds

What Are Non-Toxic Crayons Made Of?

At one time, paraffin wax was used to create crayons, which has some dangers to human health. Some studies have found other substances, such as lead and mercury, in substandard crayons.

The difference between non-toxic crayons and regular crayons are the ingredients. Let’s take a look at some common ingredients found in non-toxic crayons.

1. Soy Wax

Soy wax comes from the natural soy plant, so it’s considered an organic choice. It’s much softer when used to create crayons, so it’s pretty safe when compared to other ingredients on the market.

2. Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural ingredient that is stronger than soy wax. It’s also organic due to its source. Many crayons are made of beeswax or have some parts that are made with beeswax.

3. Plant & Vegetable Extracts

Only a few organic crayons use plant and vegetable extracts as natural colorants for art. These crayons can be expensive, but they’re the absolute safest choice for your child.

How to Pick the Best Non-Toxic Crayons

Truth be told, there aren’t too many options out there, so the list is narrow. That doesn’t mean you won’t spend some time comparing crayon choices. Since you’re specifically looking for non-toxic crayons, you can safely assume that most, if not all, of the crayons at your local grocery store, are off-limits and full of toxic chemicals.

So, how are you supposed to pick? Here are some things to consider.

The List of Ingredients

First ,since our goal is to pick non-toxic crayons, is the list of ingredients on the crayon box. Knowing the ingredients that are used in the crayons can help you decide whether or not you’re comfortable with all of them. If you can’t find an ingredient list on the box, check with the manufacturer. Most can send you a list, and if they won’t, then you can safely scratch that choice off of your list.

Any brand that won’t disclose the ingredients that your child would be holding in his hand probably has some toxic ingredients to hide.


Different components lead to different hardness levels, and we want a crayon that has some durability. We know that beeswax is more durable than soy wax, so most manufacturers select beeswax. These crayons might not break as easy. Small, broken pieces of crayon can be a choking hazard for little kids.

Colorful Pigments

These are crayons after all, and kids want to see colors appear on their paper. Those colors shouldn’t be dull. The pigment, or richness of the color, shouldn’t be affected the ingredients used. When your child colors a flower purple, it should look purple, not a diluted version of purple.

Appropriate Packaging

Last, but not least, look at the packaging and delivery of the crayon. The crayon should be adequately wrapped. The ones with a twistable mechanism are ideal. Some kids like crayons that come in cute shapes, such as flowers or stars.

The 7 Best Non-Toxic Crayons

1. Lebze Non-Toxic Crayons

Lebze Non-Toxic CrayonsView on Amazon

The safety of the children is the most significant concern for parents, and Lebze crayons put non-toxic crayons into their hands. Their silky crayons are made from non-toxic natural wax without any soluble elements, such as lead or asbestos. Lebze acquired CPSC certifications from the United States as well as safety standards in Europe.

Parents love just how silky these crayons are; they will remind you of a marker! So, not only are they easy to use for coloring, but they also are erasable on skin and washable on smooth surfaces, such as bathtubs and ceramic tile.

The crayons can be used in three ways:

  • A silky crayon
  • Pastel – add some water
  • Watercolor – add some water

These crayons come in a twistable body that rotates, just like a lipstick tube. You’ll find that the wax doesn’t break too easily. All your child has to do is twist the crayon to raise it up and keep coloring.

Kids also like the Lebze crayons because they’re jumbo-sized, perfect for little hands. Each box has 12 bright and vibrant colors that help your child develop coloring skills. There is a small hole at the top of the cap to prevent suffocation if a child accidentally swallow it. The company thought of everything!

The Pros
CPSC Certified
Three modes of use
Twistable body
The Cons
Hard for a toddler to uncap without help.
Stains clothes

2. Honeysticks Pure Beeswax Crayons

Honeysticks Pure Beeswax CrayonsView on Amazon

It’s hard to argue with Honeysticks ingredient list. These crayons are made from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax without any paraffin wax or cheap fillers. They’re one of the few, if not the only, crayon on the market made with 100% beeswax. We love that they use a sustainable process to harvest the beeswax that causes minimal impact on the environment.

Don’t forget the delicious scent of honey leftover on the crayons!

Honeysticks are perfect for toddlers because they’re made into a unique, chubby shape that is perfect for small hands to hold. At the same time, the size means that they’re also hard for little hands to break them. Each crayon is 55mm long and 20mm in diameter.

Due to their size and ingredient list, Honeysticks are safe for all ages, from infants up to adults. So, let your little one express his artistic ability with these 12 different crayon colors. Honeysticks does offer a simple money-back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with the work.

The Pros
100% New Zealand beeswax
Sustainably sourced
Chubby size for toddlers
Money-back guarantee
The Cons
Small in length

3. Crayon Rocks Just Rocks in a Box 32 Colors

Crayon Rocks Just Rocks in a Box 32 ColorsView on Amazon

Crayon Rocks are perfect for little toddler hands. This pack of Crayon Rocks containers 64 non-toxic, soy wax crayons in 32 different colors. So, you get two of each color. A few of those colors include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Honey Wheat
  • Coral
  • Turquoise
  • Pumpkin Spice

Occupational therapists and preschool teachers recommend Crayon Rocks. Their design helps to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children while improving fine motor coordination. They’re perfect for small fingers to color in broad, wide strokes.

` This box can easily last you for an entire year or even longer. They’re very durable and safe, measuring 1.25″ x .75″. Crayon Rocks meet standards set by the AST and CPSIA.

The Pros
32 fun colors
Easy to hold
Strengthens grip muscles
Meets AST and CPSIA standards
The Cons
Not as big as you might expect

4. Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons for Kids

Bobo's Beeswax Crayons for KidsView on Amazon

If you have a bigger budget to spend, the Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons are highly-rated, created with natural beeswax. Each pack comes with 12 distinct colors that help to expand your child’s ability to draw and color.

Bobo’s uses a large, easy-to-grip shape for small hands that help to build better hand-eye coordination and confidence while your child learns how to stay in the lines. We like the rounded, double-pointed ends. Kids can just pick them up and start coloring from either end. It’s a unique, smart design for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

The shape also means that these crayons cannot roll away from your child. They’re great for schools or homeschool. Parents and teachers both love Bobo’s!

Bobo’s are a non-toxic crayon that is made in the USA under strict guidelines. They’re durable, but Bobo’s does offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like them, they’ll provide you with a refund.

The Pros
Made with natural beeswax
Easy to grip shape
Rounded, double-pointed ends
Made in the USA
The Cons

5. OOLY Natural Beeswax Crayons

OOLY Natural Beeswax CrayonsView on Amazon

OOLY creates products for people of all ages so that they can use their imaginations and express themselves. You want to do that safely, and their Natural Beeswax Crayons. These crayons are made with high-quality beeswax that gives them their hardness and smooth colors.

OOLY designed these crayons to be thick and triangular shaped for the perfect ergonomic fit. The crayons can’t roll around, and the shape makes it easier for toddlers to hold in place.

Each set contains 24 bright, vivid crayons that write on white and black paper. They’re straightforward to use and portable with an easy-to-store case.

Another reason to support OOLY is that they support teachers and students through a partnership. They understand that teachers need art supplies for their classrooms, and their mission to help provide a unique product that inspires the kids’ creativity. So, when you purchase an OOLY product, you’re helping to support teachers around the United States.

The Pros
The thick, triangular shape
24 vivid crayons included
The Cons
Not 100% natural beeswax
Made in China
Might break

6. Merit Ocean Toddler Crayons

Merit Ocean Toddler CrayonsView on Amazon

The Merit Ocean Toddler Crayons are palm-grip paint crayons with a large, round shape penholder designed for toddlers, kids, and children to hold comfortably. Not only are they a great size for toddler’s hands, but kids can also put the crayons on their fingertips or stack together for a fun way to play and learn.

Finger crayons are unique because, not only are they painting crayons, but they’re also stackable building blocks that help to enhance cognitive abilities. Since your child can put them on their fingers, they can make exciting masterpieces and express their creativity drawing leisurely.

These crayons are CE approved and EN71 certified. You don’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals hurting your child. Merit Ocean added a tiny hole through the crayon that helps to avoid choking in case the child accidentally swallows the crayon. Don’t forget that Merit Ocean offers a 100% satisfactory warranty!

The Pros
Large, round shape
CE approved and EN71 certified ingredients
The Cons
Breaks easily

7. GiBot Toddler Crayons

GiBot Toddler CrayonsView on Amazon

The GiBot Toddler Crayons are shaped perfectly for little hands. Your child will easily be able to hold these crayons effortlessly. Each package comes with 12 primary colors. The crayons are great to help develop creativity and imagination, but kids can also use them as building blocks to encourage fine motor skills.

GiBot Crayons are palm-grip made of certified non-toxic materials that are safe for kids of all ages. They’re CE approved, and EN71 Certified. GiBot even added small holes that pass through the crayon to avoid possible choking hazards.

These crayons are washable with hand soap so that you can get the colors off of surfaces or your hands easily.

The Pros
Easy to hold shape
12 basic colors
Uses CE approved and EN71 certified ingredients
Small holes to avoid suffocation
The Cons
Colors not very intense
Breaks easily

Final Thoughts

Kids, especially toddlers, put everything in their mouths. Instead of giving them crayons that are full of toxic chemicals, you need to buy the best non-toxic crayons. That way, when your child eats his crayon, you won’t feel so panicked about the safety and ingredients. You’ll feel better giving the best to your child.

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