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The 6 Best Wagons for Big Kids

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Everyone loves riding in a wagon! Many adults have fond memories of pulling toys along in a wagon. They’re perfect for transporting toys or enjoying a ride. When you have kids, you might want to consider replacing your stroller with a wagon for big kids or just having a wagon that works for walks around the block.

You might notice if you search wagons, that there are different types. You can find plastic wagons and collapsible wagons. Some have covers while others do not.

Let’s take a look at the best wagons for big kids and all of their features.

Why You Need a Wagon for Big Kids

Having a wagon for big kids might not seem like an essential item, but many families with toddlers and preschoolers swear by wagons instead of strollers. Are you ready to ditch the stroller, but your child still gets tired legs? A wagon might be in order.

Here are some benefits to wagons for big kids.

An Affordable Alternative to Strollers

Strollers cost a lot of money, especially if you want a stroller that has a high weight limit. Instead, grab a wagon. Wagons typically cost less money than strollers, making it an affordable alternative.

Easy to Get In and Out

For older kids who want to get in and out of the stroller, a wagon can be a more comfortable choice. Some have seatbelts, but big kids can get into the stroller when they need a break or get out and walk when they want to move and groove.

Ample Storage

Wagons offer way more storage than strollers. With a stroller, you’re limited to that little basket underneath, but most of the time, the bucket holds your diaper bag, if you’re lucky. Wagons are more spacious, so you can put your diaper bag, toys, drinks, snacks, or whatever else you need.

Some parents just bring a wagon for the storage, think of when you need to go to the beach or lake!

Great for Multiple Kids

Most wagons fit at least two kids, but many are spacious enough to fit three toddlers together. So, if you have a preschooler and a toddler who needs to have a place to sit when you go to the lake, a wagon is a great choice.

Versatile with Many Uses

Wagons are meant to be used in different situations. Your child can pull his younger siblings around the block. Your family can take walks together in the evenings. Go to the fair with a wagon, use it to transport all of the items you need down to the beach, head to the lake with your beach bag and lunch boxes, or take all of your kids to sporting events. You can even use them for tailgating.

Higher Weight Limit

Let’s not forget one of the best benefits of wagons – the higher weight limit. Most wagons support at least 100lbs, and that’s usually the maximum weight capacity of a stroller. Some wagons for kids support up to 300lbs. There is no contest. If you happen to have a child with a higher weight, it’s much easier to find a wagon to support the weight than a stroller.

How to Pick the Best Wagons for Big Kids

We’re going to show you our picks for the best wagons for big kids, but let’s first go over the features that matter. Understanding what features will mean the most to you makes it easier to go over the reviews and eliminate the ones that don’t work for you.

Foldable or Not

The first thing that you need to do is decide which style of wagon you want to purchase. Some prefer the foldable wagon style, and that’s preferred if you’re going to store it in your car or take it on the go. Some prefer the classic plastic wagon, but those won’t fit into your trunk.

Where Will You Use the Wagon

Think about where and how you’ll use the wagon. Do you plan to use it around the neighborhood or for walks with friends close by your home? Or, do you want to be able to use the wagon at ball games, the beach, or places that aren’t near your home?

The first choice – near your home – means that you can get a wooden or plastic wagon that doesn’t fold. If you want to take it places, get a foldable one.

Quality of the Tires

The part of the wagon that takes the most abuse is the wagon wheels. You want quality, rubber tires. Ideally, the wagon wheels will offer durability and last for years to come. They should be able to handle any terrain that comes their way.


Preferably, you want to have a wagon that has some storage. When we say storage, we mean cupholders and perhaps a pocket for snacks or diapers. Some have seats that lift for extra storage instead of pockets.


If you spend a lot of time outside in the wagon, you might want to look for a wagon that has a removable UV canopy. It helps to protect your child’s delicate skin from damaging sun rays, and it also can be used to protect your child from the rain. Taking your toddler to his big brother’s soccer game in the rain just got a bit easier.


It’s great if the wagon is comfortable for your child. Padded seats are a helpful addition to any wagon that your child might sit in for long periods. A canopy is also a great addition. Ideally, the wagon won’t be too cramped, so the child has space to stretch his legs a bit.

Safety Features

Seatbelts are nice to have in wagons because they’re an extra safety feature. You might be pulling your child along going pretty fast, and then he decides to take a nosedive out. That can’t happen with seatbelts!

Some wagons also have a design that prevents the wagon from tipping over. That’s important, especially if your older child likes to pull his younger siblings. Make sure there are no sharp points that could hurt your child.

The 6 Best Wagons for Big Kids

1. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Red WagonView on Amazon

We have to start our list with the Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon. It’s the quintessential red wagon that has been a staple in families for around 100 years – seriously. Chances are you had one when you were a child. Radio Flyer started making wagons over 100 years ago, and that means they know what they’re doing.

The Classic Red Wagon has a steel construction with 10-inch steel wheels and rubber tires. It has a weight capacity of 150lbs. A few other features to consider include:

  • The tires are smooth and make it easier to pull the wagon around. The rubber helps to minimize any noise.
  • It has a fold under the handle, which is a nice stowaway feature.
  • Radio Flyer added a controlled turn radius that stops the wagon from tipping.
  • There are no sharp parts because all of the edges are rounded.
  • No-pinch ball joints keep little fingers safe.
  • It’s for kids who are at least 18 months old up to 10 years old.
Classic Design
Smooth Wheels
No Sharp Points
Steel Construction
Might Be Too Small for Bigger Kids
Heavy – Weighs 27lbs
Easy to Dent

2. Creative Outdoor Push Pull Wagon

Creative Outdoor Push Pull WagonView on Amazon

If you want a wagon that is easy to pull (or push) around everything, the Creative Outdoor Wagon is the one for you. It’s one of the only wagons with the push-pull feature that makes it enjoyable for the rider and person pushing. This wagon can withstand thousand of family outings.

Other features that you might enjoy about the Creative Outdoor Wagon include:

  • It’s designed with a sturdy steel frame and durable denier fabric. It’s strong enough to hold up to 150lbs.
  • The interior of the wagon provides plenty of storage space for coolers, toys, and snacks.
  • Unlike other wagons, this one has a stress-free process of folding because it collapses and folds into itself. That makes it easy to fold for storage.
  • Creative Outdoor added heavy-duty wheels that easily roll across a variety of terrains. You can take your child on a stroll over grass, sand, pavement, or dirt.
  • Unlike other wagons, these wheels are made to swivel 360-degrees.
  • The removable canopy protects your child from the rain or sun while inside of the wagon.
  • You can pick between teal, navy, or purple when buying your wagon.
Can Be Pushed or Pulled
Folds Easy
Lots of Storage
Hard to Attach and Remove Canopy

3. Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding WagonView on Amazon

Do you want a Radio Flyer Wagon but prefer to have something foldable? If that sounds like you, then the EZ Folding Wagon is perfect. Folding wagons are popular right now, so it’s not surprising that Radio Flyer designed one as well.

We like that this wagon comes in red, camo, and blue, so you don’t just have to go for the classic Radio Flyer red color. It features rubber tires and has a 150lbs weight capacity. A few other features of the EZ to consider are:

  • It has a canopy version that makes it perfect for little kids, sheltering them from the sun or rain.
  • Radio Flyer added cup holders and storage on the sides of the canopy. So, it’s perfect for a day at the zoo, the fair, or other places you might spend the day.
  • The long side of the wagon has zippers, so you can fold down the sides and make a bench seat for two kids.
  • It has thickly padded seats, so it’s comfortable for all kids.
  • All of the styles of the EZ Wagon features all-terrain tires for a comfortable and durable ride.
  • The telescoping handle makes it easier to pull the wagon wherever you need to go.
3-in-1 Design
Two Cupholders
Quiet and Smooth Wheels
Can’t Wheel When Folded
Heavy to Carry
No Brakes to Keep in Place

4. Berlin Sport Flyer Ride Wagon for Kids

Berlin Sport Flyer Ride Wagon for KidsView on Amazon

Do you want a wooden constructed wagon with a high weight capacity? If so, the Berlin Sport Flyer Ride Wagon is the one for you. With a 300lb weight limit, the Berlin Sport is one of the most durable choices for big kids.

It’s hard not to love the solid hardwood construction of this Amish-built wagon. Berlin produces beautiful, sturdy wagons. Some other reasons to purchase the Berlin Sport include:

  • It has 10-inch rubber and air-filled wheels that ride smoothly over almost any terrain.
  • This wagon comes in several varieties, including red, blue, orange, grey, pink, purple, and green. All of the wagons are painted with non-toxic materials.
  • The rails remove quickly if you need to haul something or take them off for easy cleaning.
  • It’s engineered to have no-tip steering for a safe ride for your child.
  • You do have to assemble the wagon, but it only takes about 15 minutes. The directions are easy to follow.
Amish Construction
No-Tip Steering
300lb Weight Capacity
Removable Side Rails
Kids Can Take Side-Wall Off Easily

5. Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort WagonView on Amazon

Here is another option by Radio Flyer. You can tell it’s one of the top brands on the market. The Ultimate Comfort has a plastic construction with a weight capacity of 200lbs. Parents love it, considering it one of the top wagons for big kids. You can start using it when your child is 18 months old up until five years old.

A few other features to consider about the Ultimate Comfortable Wagon include:

  • It’s one of the most comfortable wagons with two padded seats and a removable UV protection canopy.
  • There are cup holders to keep drinks safe and expandable rear storage that lets you keep other items on hand, such as diapers.
  • The 10-inch dura-tread tires ensure a quiet and smooth ride. You can upgrade them to all-terrain air tires for just $20. Those tires are better for sand and as a beach wagon.
  • There are added seatbelts for safety.
  • It’s a versatile wagon with five different seating and storage options.
High Weight Limit
Padded Seats
Canopy for UV Protection
Smooth and Quiet Ride
Heavy – 30lbs
Can’t Fold For Storage

6. Hauck Eco Wagon

Hauck Eco WagonView on Amazon

Do you prefer a foldable cloth wagon for your kids? You aren’t alone; they’re the most popular choice right now. The Hauck Eco Wagon offers a 120lbs weight limit in a foldable style that doesn’t limit durability. The Hauck Eco Wagon is durable, easy to store, and easy to transport.

It’s hard to beat the durability of this wagon since the frame is made of steel tubes. The sides are lightweight, but also easy to clean and durable. Other features to consider about the Hauck Eco Wagon include:

  • The seats are cushioned and comfortable for two kids.
  • It works as a pulled utility vehicle for camping, tailgating, or other events.
  • The wagon comes in two colors: grey and green.
  • When you’re using the wagon with your kids, it comes with a removable rain and UV-proof canvas top.
  • Unlike other wagons, the Hauck has a single hand-locking brake. Most wagons don’t have a brake, so it’s hard not to love this feature.
  • The wagon has full rubber cased wheels with bearing rims. This combination makes it easier to pull your kids around while also handling rough terrain without any issues.
  • It’s easy to fold this wagon, and when folded, it fits perfectly in a standard trunk of any vehicle.
Foldable and Durable
Cushioned Seats
Hand-Locking Brake
All-Terrain Tires
No Cupholders or Storage
Not Seatbelts

Final Thoughts

Switching to one of the best wagons for big kids instead of a stroller might be an excellent alternative for your child. With higher weight capacities and more stroller space, it’s easy to see why so many families are embracing this change.

Whether you want a wagon for neighborhood walks or your everyday transportation for your kids, one of these six wagons for big kids will work for you!

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