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Parents of multiples have double everything. Double car seats, double clothes and diapers, and double strollers – that’s just par for the course of having twins! While you might think any double stroller will work, any parent of twins will tell you not all strollers are made the same. That’s why we looked for the best strollers for twins based on parents’ reviews and needed features.

Picking a stroller for twins is harder than picking a single stroller. It needs to be fully equipped with the features you want, be sturdy enough to hold two kids, have proper storage, without being a huge monster that’s bulky and heavy. The goal of a stroller is to make your life easier, not harder, and the wrong stroller causes problems.

Brand Type of Stroller Weight Limit Stroller Weight
Baby Jogger City Mini
GT Double
Side-By-Side 50 lbs per seat 32lbs
Joovy TwinRoo+ Frame Stroller Total of 90lbs 24.4lbs
Joovy Scooter X2
Double Stroller
Side-by-Side 45 lbs per seat 32lbs
J is for Jeep Brand
Destination Ultralight
Double Stroller
Umbrella Stroller 40 lbs per seat 21lbs
Chicco Cortina
Together Double
Tandem Stroller 40 lbs per seat 34lbs

3 Basic Types of Strollers for Twins

There are three types of strollers that you might consider for twins.

1. Double Frame Stroller

A frame stroller is just used to carry around your babies in their infant car seats. They are cheaper, but you only use them for a few months until your baby can sit independently in a regular stroller.

Lighter in weight
Cheaper than a standard stroller
Perks like a basket and cup holder are usually included.
Useful time is limited because there is no seat.
Might not work with your infant car seat.

2. Full-Featured Stroller

These strollers can be used from infancy until toddlerhood. Some work well into the preschool years. They offer more features, storage, and comfort than other strollers. There are two types of full-featured strollers: tandem and side-by-side. Each type has pros and cons to consider.

Tandem Double Strollers

With tandem strollers, one baby sits behind the other, or, in some models, the babies face each other. These strollers have the same width as a single stroller, but it’s longer. Some parents joke that it’s like driving a bus! It can make curbs and corners a little trickier.

Narrow and fits through doorways easily.
Some are infant car seat compatible.
Easy to store in trunks.
Harder to turn and go around corners.
Heavy and long
Less legroom for baby in the rear seat.

Side-by-Side Double Strollers

As you might guess from the name, side-by-side strollers have the kids sitting next to each other. These are double the width of a single stroller, so some might have issues going through doors. Grocery stores can be challenging because of the width, but having the kids next to each other has advantages. You can see each child at the same time, and the design makes it easier to access the storage basket underneath.

Kids can see each other.
Easier to go around turns and curbs than tandem strollers
Some let you use infant car seats.
Some won’t fit through doorways.
Due to the size, storing in trunks can be difficult.

3. Double Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are lightweight and great for traveling. Their features tend to lack, and the babies must be able to sit up independently to use. Most parents cannot use an umbrella stroller until closer to six to eight-months old, depending on the child and manufacturer.

Great for Traveling
Easy for storage or keeping in trunk
Most are comfortable for babies.
Can’t be used until babies are older.
Most don’t have cup holders or parent cup holder.
Storage is smaller.

Strollers for Twins: How to Pick

Once you decide the right type of stroller, you have to figure out how to pick the right one for you. Here are some things to consider!

  • Weight Limit
    What is the weight limit for each seat? If you have bigger kids, you might want to make sure the seats have higher weight limits. Most strollers have a 40-50 lb weight limit, so be sure to seek out ones with a 50lb limit for each seat.
  • Storage
    With twins, you definitely need storage space. Your diaper bag will be larger, so the storage basket needs to be able to handle that. Do you want a parent tray and cup holders? If they’re not included, can you purchase a cup holder that works with the stroller for an inexpensive price? Some parents want each child to have a cup holder and snack tray as well.
  • Easy of Maneuvering
    You don’t necessarily want to struggle to steer and handle your new stroller. Think about where you’ll take it most often. If you need it for everyday city living, the type of stroller and the ease of maneuvering will depend on taking corners and curbs easily.
  • Terrain Capabilities
    Where do you typically plan to head with your stroller? Do you love to jog, or do you prefer to hit up the mall? Think about what you will use the stroller for the most, and that’s what you should look for in terrain capabilities.
  • Folding
    Depending on your vehicle, how compactly the stroller folds might be a concern. If you have a minivan or an SUV, chances are any stroller will fit into the trunk with ease. If you have a car, you might be more limited in selections.

The Best Strollers for Twins

1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

Baby Jogger City Mini GT DoubleView on Amazon

A stroller is an investment, and the Baby Jogger City Mini may not be a budget-friendly stroller, but it’s worth the money. The versatility and durability make it stand out in the crowd.

Let’s look at the basic facts of this stroller.

  • The seats are suitable for infants who can hold their heads up (around 3-6 months).
  • Each seat holds up to 50lbs that features multiple reclining positions, including a near-flat position.
  • The seats have vented tops for air circulation.
  • It has two adjustable, separate canopies with three panels and a peek-a-boo window.
  • The handlebar is adjustable, perfect for parents of all heights.
  • It has a hand-operated parking brake, and the toggle is easy to figure out.
  • The stroller folds easily, and it can be done one-handed. Automatic locks keep it in place as you close the stroller and lift it for storage.

There is so much to love about the Baby Jogger. Moms love that the canopies are separate rather than connected and the three panels let you extend it far over your baby.

Baby Jogger used 8.5” all-terrain wheels with front wheel suspension. You can drive this stroller over even and uneven terrain. It handles gravel like a champ, so you can take it anywhere you want.

Under the seats, Baby Jogger added a large storage basket, but many moms note that there is a bar in the middle. So, it makes the accessibility a bit harder. You can fit plenty in there, but taking everything in and out of the basket can be a bit tricky.

On the back of each seat, you’ll find storage pockets, so you can put your car seats, wallets, and other important items. While these pockets are nice, the one thing most parents want to see is cup holders – hello, coffee! – and those are lacking. You can purchase them for extra, but, considering the price for the stroller, paying extra for cup holders is disappointing.

Lastly, the other two negatives are the cost and the weight. It weighs 32 lbs – that’s heavy even for double strollers. Baby Jogger is definitely not a budget-friendly choice, so it won’t be feasible.

One-handed fold
Works well for twins or a newborn and a toddler.
Multiple reclining positions
Easy to maneuver
Handles multiple terrains
Works with infant car seat adapter
Durable and strong
The storage basket is hard to access
Heavy – 32lbs!
Cup holders and parent organizers must be purchased separately

2. Joovy TwinRoo+

Joovy TwinRoo+View on Amazon

If you’re looking for a double frame stroller, the Joovy TwinRoo+ is an awesome choice, so long as you don’t drive a compact vehicle. The Joovy is longer than the other choices on the market, but Joovy products, overall, are fantastic quality and loved by parents.

A few things you should know about the Joovy TwinRoo+

  • The TwinRoo is designed to carry two infant car seats facing to the side. You can make both car seats face the same direction or opposite.
  • It’s as narrow as a single stroller, so you can make it through doorways easier.
  • There is a fully-equipped parent tray below the push bar with four cup holders and a place for phones.

Joovy added a huge storage basket underneath. Twin mamas carry a lot of things with them, so those large storage baskets are necessary.

Moms love how easy it is to maneuver. You will need two hands, but the dual swivel front wheels make it easier to get where you need to go, especially narrow places and corners. The wheels are medium-sized and non-inflatable, which means they do best on paved surfaces. The TwinRoo handles gravel and paths decently, but it’s not recommended for trails or bumpy surfaces.

One negative to consider, besides the bit longer length, is that the TwinRoo weighs 24.4lbs, so it’s also heavier than other double frame strollers. It folds easily, so you can store it in the trunk, but it’s long, measuring 48 inches.

Also, you need an adapter for each infant car seat and they’re brand specific. Joovy fits newer infant car seats, but they offer plenty of compatible choices. Chances are your infant car seat selection will work just fine.

A few compatible choices are:

  • Britax B-Safe, B-Safe 35 B-Safe 35 Elite
  • Chicco KeyFit 30
  • Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30, 35, and 40, and Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 DLX
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico AP, Mico NXT, Prebble
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35
  • UPPAbaby MESA
Babies can stay asleep in their car seats.
Compatible with a lot of brands
One-handed folding
Large storage basket
Easy to reach both babies.
Easy to maneuver for errands and in buildings
Takes practice to steer because of length
Not good for rough terrain or trails
Might not fit in your trunk because of length

3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerView on Amazon

Double strollers can cost an arm and a leg, but the Joovy Scooter makes having a nice double stroller affordable. The Scooter is one of the best-selling double side-by-side strollers on the market, and, considering the price, it’s well-equipped with everything that you need to have.

A few details to know about the Joovy Scooter includes:

  • The seats hold up to 45 pounds, and you can use the stroller from 3 months and up.
  • You can adjust the seat backs and leg rests individually.
  • It has a one-hand recline that lets you put the seat back to nearly a full-recline. The recline is great for napping on the go!
  • There is a removable bumper bar for the seats.
  • The handlebar isn’t adjustable, and it’s fixed height is 41.75 inches.
  • It’s only 30 inches wide, so it can fit through doorways or in stores easily.
  • It folds compactly and fits into most trunks.

The storage basket sits under the seat, and it’s plenty spacious. The design is a bit strange because it has a bar in the middle, partially dividing the basket. It can make removing stuff a bit tricky, but there is enough space for a large diaper bag and more.

On the back of the seats, Joovy added two zippered pockets for parents’ items, like car keys or wallets. They also put cup holders for the parents on the back of the seat. The only issue with these cup holders is that they’re made of mesh. If you’re driving over any bumpy terrain, putting an open drink or something may not be a wise idea.

Joovy added a large, two-panel canopy to the storage. Some parents don’t like that it’s one connected canopy rather than two separate canopies. That may not make a difference to you. On top of the canopy, there is a large, peek-a-boo window that lets you see both children. Also, the canopy isn’t huge, so it might not cover your child entirely. Some of his legs might show.

While Joovy did use great wheels, remember that the Joovy Scooter is not meant for running. It does use small wheels – 9.5” in the back and 7” in the front. The wheels are made of durable rubber. The dual front wheels add stability, and they can pivot and lock. In the back, you’ll find a one-step linked parking brake.

The design makes it so the Scooter can handle many types of terrain. Parents note that they can use it on the pavement, gravel, cobblestone, and dirt trails. However, don’t try it on sandy beaches; the wheels can’t handle it. It also doesn’t do great in mud.

One more thing to note is that you can’t use infant car seats with the double stroller. Joovy doesn’t even sell car seat adapters for it. So, if you want to use the car seats with a stroller, it may not be the one for you.

Large basket under the seats
Comfortable for baby
Mesh cup holders in the seat for each baby
Easy to maneuver
Works for twins or kids of different age
One canopy rather than two
Won’t stand up when folded
The handlebar isn’t adjustable.
Doesn’t take infant car seats.

4. J is for Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Double Stroller

J is for Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Double StrollerView on Amazon

Once your twins are a little older, you may want to consider an umbrella stroller or a lightweight stroller. The Destination Ultralight is usable for infants who are 6 months old and up. Babies need to have neck and head control to sit properly in the seats.

A few things to know about the Destination Ultralight include:

  • Each seat has a 40lb weight limit.
  • The seats recline independently, and the calf rest also flip up for more support while napping.
  • Jeep added nice padding to the seats for comfort.
  • There are separate bumper bars for each seat.
  • Individual canopies for each child have a viewing window.

Moms like that both seats feature multiple reclining positions, but they aren’t the deepest reclines. That’s one of the reasons why you need to wait until 6 months to use the stroller. However, the reclines work for naptime, and the calf rests pop up for more support while snoozing.

One unique feature is the bumper bars. Rather than one bumper bar like we saw in the Joovy Scooter, the Destination has a separate bumper bar for each seat. You can remove the bars or swivel them to let your baby get in and out easier.

Moms love the water resistant fabric and the individual, extendable canopies. Each canopy has SPF 50+ sun visor that pops up. However, the canopies aren’t as large as other strollers, like the Baby Jogger. Parents can check on each twin with the handy plastic viewing windows on top.

How does it drive? Well, Jeep used 7” front dual wheels that can be locked for stability or unlocked for easy maneuvering. The rear wheels are 10” and have suspension for an easier ride.

That being said, the Destination is not an all-terrain double stroller, so it’s best not to consider it as such. It handles gravel paths, pavement, and short grass fine, but it shouldn’t be used on bumpy terrain or trails. The Destination is a great city stroller, but it’s not as versatile as others.

Jeep added a nice sized storage basket, but there is a bar in the middle that makes it a bit harder to access and load. Parents love that it folds easily and locks automatically. Jeep added a carrying strap. Since its only 21lbs, you shouldn’t have issues lifting it in and out of the car.

The Destination Ultralight is a great, lightweight stroller, but make sure you realize it’s not intended for newborn twins. There is no car seat or bassinet compatibility, and you need to wait to use it. However, once your twins are a bit older, the weight and features make it a great second stroller.

Easy to maneuver
Decent recline
Adjustable calf rest
Folding process is easy
Reasonable price
Lightweight – only 21 lbs – and easy to carry
Decent sized storage basket
The bar in the basket makes loading and unloading harder.
No accessories like cup holders or snack trays.
Harness straps are a bit rough.

5. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Chicco Cortina Together Double StrollerView on Amazon

The last stroller for twins on our list is the Chicco Cortina, and it’s our choice for a tandem stroller. Some parents prefer the tandem style rather than side-by-side.

The Cortina has four seating combinations, so it can work for twins or kids of different ages. Parents can attach one or two KeyFit and KeyFit 30 infant car seats. Note that you do need to use Chicco infant car seats with this stroller, which makes sense. It is a Chicco stroller after all!

A few key things to note about the Chicco Cortina include:

  • The two seats are suitable for infants who can sit unassisted up to 40 lbs per seat.
  • You can have one or two infant car seats at a time.
  • The seats recline for babies to sleep, but they also have an almost upright position that is perfect for toddlers.
  • The handlebar has three height settings.

Chicco added several seat positions, which lets the stroller grow with your child. The upright position is great for toddlers who want to see the world around them. For little infants, the seats recline almost flat, for a comfortable napping location.

Each seat is padded comfortably and have padding on the harnesses. Each seat also has an individual canopy, but they aren’t as large as other choices. They only cover the top of the seat, so your baby may not have full protection against the sun. The sunshades are removable to help accommodate older kids.

Chicco added interchangeable bumper bars and two cup holders for the kids. Parents have a tray as well with two cup holders and a storage compartment for your important items.

Something that’s different about the Chicco Cortina is the storage basket. It is quite a huge basket, so you’ll be able to fit everything you need. The problem with most tandem strollers is that it’s hard to access the best. Chicco came up with a different solution by using a zippered opening at the bar of the basket. While this solution does work, unpacking stuff can be tricky.

Another unique feature is that the Cortina has larger wheels that most tandem strollers. The dual front wheels are 8.25” and the rear wheels are 9.25” made with durable rubber.

It’s not an all-terrain stroller, but it handles some uneven terrain well. That doesn’t mean you want to take it off-roading. The Cortina is best as a city stroller, and you definitely don’t want to take it jogging.

Easy to open and close
Can be used with infant car seats
Large storage basket that is easily accessible.
Great for city use
Heavy – 34lbs
Hard to turn around tight turns and corners because of length
Canopies aren’t large.

Finding the Best Stroller for Twins

Picking things for your twins can be hard. It has to be durable and able to withstand a lot of use. You want to get your money’s worth. Consider the type of stroller that you want, along with your budget, to help you decide which one of these five picks for the best strollers for twins.

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